Malaysia, Adventures with nature..

5 12 2008

Centuries ago merchant seamen following the tradewinda discovered Malaysia. Captivated by its natural beauty and tropical bounty many returned again and again, some even choosing to make the idyll paradise of these shores home.

Today, Malaysia is a haven for edventure and nature lovers. Esay accessibility, the warm tropical climate, on-going conservation efforts and many beautiful nature spots all contribute to making Malaysia a premier eco-tourism destination. Almost three-fifths of Malaysia’s 330,433 land mass is covered by tropical rainforests which are home to a variaty of exotic, rare and protected flora and fauna.Cascading waterfall( picture: Langkawi, Waterfall), rapid rivers, serene lakes, craggy mountains, secret caves, bountiful seas, kaleidoscopic coral reefs and scenic island all offer something for each individual.

The magical islands of Langkawi, Payar and Pangkor surrounding by the warm waters of the Straits Of Malacca offer excellent diving opportunities all-year round. Off the eastern coast in the South China Sea, the paradise islands of Perhentian, Redang, Tenggol, Kapas, Tioman, Tinggi and Besar are reknowned for their marine diversity and clear waters. The dive site off Sabah in Borneo are equally lovely; the most prominent being the islands of Tunku Abd.Rahman National Park, the Layang-Layang atoll and Pulau Mabul. For wreck diving, the island of Labuan, off Sabah’s south-western coast, boasts of some of the region’s most fabulous sites. Most of the dive sites in Malaysia are found within its marine parks which serve as sanctuaries for the protection and preservation of the fragile marine eco-systems with their wealth of marine life and vegetation. Freshwater or inland fishing is an activity gaining in popularity. Tasik Kenyir, Tasek Bera, Tasik Chini, and Tasik Dampar, and the Semborong Reservoir in Peninsular Malaysia are home to species like ‘Belida” toman, grass crap and tinfoil barb which await the avid angler’s hooks. The more introspective visitors may prefer time alone with nature and activities such as bird watching, camping and cave exploring are satisfying ways to get to enjoy nature.. So Welcome to Malaysia..!!




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